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Transforming Ideas into Products

We believe that the production of high-quality physical products will never end as long as mankind innovates and searches for better solutions.


What do you have in mind with your next project to come?

Whatever your intensions are, we the Römmler people will not rest before your project targets are met and all thumbs are up for you internally.

About us

We do offer the full scale from product design up to serial manufacturing.

We are set up to listen to you and understand the conditions and energies in your market. We will not tell you what to do…. We develop the concepts together with you and your team – so that success is within reach in the long term. We do serial manufacturing in Germany and near shore Tunesia.


Years of experience


Why we are the right partner.

We offer the full spectrum from product design to homologation and implementation. We design the solution with what is possible in today’s technology environment, build tools and molds in-house, and are equipped to produce the first samples for homologation.

About us

Your idea, we make it happen.

Our history goes back to a couple of decades and even centuries to the year 1895 were the first resin materials go processed utilising the phenolic remains from former industrial production of tar. 

Since this pioneering times, we have been adopting to industrial requirements. Nowadays, we process all materials of the wide composite family from Thermoset / Epoxy based / unsaturated Polyesters and alike as well as all Thermoplastic resins.

Our dedication starts with part design (e.g. medical devices) and reaches via Mold making and industrial making equipment to the finished packaged product. Each step is offered separately and ends up in 360 degree of operations from part design via toolmaking to manufacturing of components or finished product in Germany and near shore Tunisia.

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